About National Mobile Sharpening Service

National Mobile Sharpening Service first appeared on Maui in 1989. At that time NMSS had only a handful of customers, sharpened only straight-edge knives, and had virtually no inventory to speak of. Over the years, NMSS has grown quite a bit.

The National Mobile Sharpening Ohana

Maui • Kauai • Oahu • Big Island • Molokai • Mainland

Since Peter & Lesa Soman acquired NMSS in January 2004, they have greatly expanded the services provided. Peter, a master sharpener, continues to learn and refine his techniques by attending advanced knife sharpening & scissor sharpening seminars regularly, sharing techniques with other master sharpeners, reviewing courses and training materials in blade sharpening and scissor sharpening, and constantly striving to better his system.

Additionally, Peter has developed a Knife Sharpener/Scissor Sharpener Business training program for those who wish to start their own business in Hawaii or on the mainland. If you would like information on this program, see the Start a Business page.

Gavin has trained under his father (Peter) since the beginning, and has himself become quiet proficient in sharpening. Though originally from California, Gavin is a local boy at heart. Now, Gavin has taken over the lion's share of the sharpening duties and continues to uphold the same quality of service as NMSS has always maintained. Rumor has it that Gavin sharpens better than his father!

Maui Business

On Maui NMSS sharpens knives, most other cutlery, tools, kitchen equipment, and scissors. NMSS now services over 250 restaurants, dozens of hair salons, butchers, fish cutters, offices, and hundreds of residential customers throughout most of the island of Maui.

To schedule service on Maui, please use the Contact Us page.

Oahu, Kauai, Big Island, Molokai, & Mainland

If you live on the other Hawaiian islands or the US Mainland, you are not forgotten. You can still get your knives sharpened by us through our Mail In Sharpening Order Form.

If you are interested in operating a sharpening business on Oahu, Kauai, Big Island, Molakai, or the Mainland, please see our Start a Business page.

For more information, please call Gavin at (808) 669-3432, or use our contact form.

Peter & Gavin skydiving
Peter & Gavin skydiving
Lesa & Peter at the Maui Ocean Center
Lesa & Peter at the Maui Ocean Center
Water Lily on Maui
Water Lily on Maui