Knife, Tool, & Scissor Sharpening at NMSS

NMSS is a professional, high quality Mobile Knife Sharpening Service. We come to you and sharpen your knives and other items ON THE SPOT. No more shipping... no more waiting a week or longer.

1. Knife Sharpening

  • Knives and most other cutlery
  • Kitchen shears
  • High speed kitchen equipment, including cuisinart, slicer, and mandolin blades
  • To our knowledge, we are the only service in Hawaii that CORRECTLY sharpens serrated knives
  • Repair service is available for removing nicks & reshaping broken cutlery tips. Repairs may be additional and are determined on a per item basis.

2. Tool Sharpening

Tool sharpening is available for smaller hand tools such as pruners & carving tools.

3. Scissor Sharpening

We offer expert sharpening of precision hair scissors. Hair scissor sharpening is done on our state-of-the-art Ookami GoldŽ scissor sharpening system by master trained sharpeners. Scissor sharpening includes:

  • Razor Sharp Honing
  • Scissors
  • Minor Repairs Including Small Nick Removal
  • Lubrication, Balance, & Adjustment
  • We also sharpen most thinning scissors and other shears

4. Commercial Knife Rental Program

If you do not have enough knives and don't want to shell out a lot of cash, we have a rental program available which can be quite economical. Our program includes weekly or bi-weekly sharpening for each knife rented for about the same price as sharpening alone.

5. Mail In Sharpening

For those of you not on Maui, simply print out the Mail In Sharpening Order Form and send it to us with your items to be sharpened. We will sharpen and return your items as quickly as possible.

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For more information, please call Gavin at (808) 669-3432, or use our contact form.

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