Start a Business


Learn this exciting Business from a Master Sharpener

No Experience Necessary


You can earn over $100,000* a year

Travel to Hawaii for training!

What you do:

  • Travel throughout your exclusive territory
  • Sharpen knives & scissors for restaurants, hotels, chefs, cooks, butchers, hairstylists, dog groomers, and homemakers
  • Sell cutlery and chefs' uniforms
  • Work with happy repeat customers!
  • You could earn $500 a day and more
  • $500 x 261 working days a year = $130,500 potential income per year
  • You could earn back your Total Investment in less than 6 months!
  • Seller will show you how you can earn even more!

* The above shown Gross Sales and Seller Discretionary Income/Cash Flow figures are examples only, not guaranteed

What's included with the license:

  • Startup inventory
  • Highly visable recognizable name
  • Van Lettering
  • Exclusive rights to your assigned territory
  • Group buying power. Group buying power = increased profits
  • All specialized sharpening equipment
  • 4 weeks comprehensive training with continual training in Hawaii and support by a master sharpener in all aspects of the business, including sharpening, acquiring customers, record & bookkeeping, and how to expand business even further
  • Buyer to receive a reimbursement of up to $500.00 toward plane ticket and $750.00 towards lodging.

How the business is set up:

  • You need to buy a new or used van
  • You're the Owner in this exclusive business
  • You make all the business decisions
  • Ongoing training, support, use of name, group buying power
  • Exclusive rights to a predetermined area
  • Information on how to set up your business organization
  • This is the opportunity of a lifetime for a person who wants to plug into the success of this company.
  • You don't need to know how to sharpen knives or sell!
  • You will be provided one-on-one 30 day training in Hawaii with a Master Sharpener.
  • This sharpening service sells itself
  • Repeat customers. Once a person or company tries this service, they come back again and again.



If you are truly interested Contact

Peter in the Training Department

The road to Hana on Maui
The road to Hana on Maui
Kauai's Napali Coast
Kauai's Napali Coast